At Alpha Shooter World, your satisfaction is our commitment. In fact, our commitment is so strong that we stand behind your purchase with a bench warranty for life. This means that any labor associated with your purchase will be covered for as long as you own the firearm. This does not include warranty parts.

Why A Warranty Is Important


Even though the firearms we carry are made using strict quality control standards, there are situations where a part of your unit may fail through no fault of your own. In the event this happens, and damage is incurred, Alpha Shooter World will inspect your item under our bench warranty for life and either provide a written write up for the manufacturer to warranty the gun or if it’s a simple fix, we’ll take care of it for you with all labor fees being waived.

Design Flaws

Another reason why a gun warranty is important is because of design flaws. If you spend hundreds or even thousands on a firearm that doesn’t work properly, you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket to make necessary adjustments. Furthermore, we live by a 5% failure rate, which means once a product hits that percentage, we kill them from our lineup. We call it to “perform or die“.

How It Works

Our for-life warranty covers any incurred fees from inspection to simple fixes while providing you with a detailed inspection report that we submit to the manufacturer to warranty. If the problem is serious and has to be returned to the manufacturer, we act as your concierge service, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Why is this important? Other gun shops make customers reach out to the manufacturer themselves, resulting in multiple issues concerning customers not knowing how to properly relay what’s wrong resulting in a denied warranty. When this happens, a manufacturer will charge you a gunsmithing rate plus the parts to fix it. With us, all gunsmithing services are covered. If an item has to be returned to a manufacturer, we’ll go to bat with you to make sure you’re covered.

At Alpha Shooter World, we pride ourselves on our Worry-Free Guarantee. This is our guarantee that what you’re buying is quality products from reputable manufacturers. If you are one of the few that have seen manufacturing or quality control issues from an item you bought from us, we want to make it right! Reach out to us by email or phone and we will help issue you a 100% in-store credit that will be applied to your account.

If you have a request or question, email us today at to discuss your individual needs.